Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's Next in the Cinematic Swamp!

     Whew!!!  The end of the Oscars for another year is a time of great joy here at The Movie Frog because it gives me a chance to catch up and focus on some other subjects.  It is also a stressful time as I realize that the only thing left to this year's awards coverage is my own Best of 2012 series and I still have several key films to watch before we are ready to get started on The Froggies.  Anyway, I basically wanted to take a few moments to tell you what to expect in the next month or two here at The Movie Frog!
  1. Reviews, reviews, and reviews:  Oscar season left my REviewing way behind my viewing.  Unfortunately, I have several Now in Theater reviews to post for films that are seriously on their way OUT of the theaters towards home viewing.  Please bear with me as I try to knock these out and get more current.  My DVD reviews will definitely be focused on the remaining 2012 releases for the next several weeks.  Some of my In Theaters viewing will be picking up films like No as they reach Atlanta, but my coverage of 2013 releases in the theater will probably start with Oz the Great and Powerful...I can't resist.
  2. My second priority is going to be the revival of the Classic Cinema Series, which should get back up and going next weekend.
  3. Before March is out I plan to write a few pieces highlighting some of the films I'm most excited about in the coming year.  It should be very similar to the short series I did to launch last year's season.
  4. Of course, the next BIG thing is going to be The Froggies, my Best of 2012 series.  I still have fifty 2012 releases that I would IDEALLY like to see before I write them, but it largely depends on how soon Middle of Nowhere gets released on DVD more than anything (believe me, if it had played in Atlanta, I would have caught it in the theater).  In the meantime, I was fascinated by some of the thematic threads that ran between this past year's great films and have decided to write a series of articles on this topic.  I'm calling it The Road to the Froggies.  Look for it in early April.

     And that's it for now.  Prepare for a barrage of reviews this week so I can get current, and a whole bunch of other stuff just over the horizon.  When I look at where The Movie Frog is today compared to just one short year ago, it literally amazes me.  Thank you for reading, thank you for spreading the word, and believe that this next year is only going to get better.

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