Friday, March 2, 2012

While I was away!!

Ok, obviously I cannot go back and give you reviews of everything my cinema addicted self watched between September and now but I can give you a list of which ones I highly recommend.  Below I have done just that listing the films that I would give four, four and a half or five star ratings.  If a film got four stars and sounds interesting, watch it.  If it got four and a half and you don't hate the genre, watch it.  If it got five, watch it no matter what.  Films marked with an asterisk received pre-Oscar mini Twitter reviews which you can check out there @themoviefrog.  Let's start with the five star films:

2010 - Incendies: French Canadian mystery, Foreign Language film nominee 83rd Oscars
           In a Better World:  Danish made drama, Foreign Language Film winner 83rd Oscars

2011 - The Tree of Life: VERY abstract drama, Best Picture nominee 84th Oscars  *
           Drive: Gory B action movie with A-list acting, script and production values *
           A Separation: Iranian family drama, winner Foreign Language Film 84th Oscars *
           Pina: German documentary on the famous interpretive choreographer in 3D, Doc nominee 84th *
           The Descendants: Quirky family dramedy, Best Picture nominee 84th Oscars *
           Rango: Wacky cartoon for kids and adults, winner Best Animated Feature 84th Oscars *
           The Artist:  Black and white, silent, romantic comedy, winner Best Picture 84th Oscars *
           Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:  Cerebral Brit spy thriller, 4 Oscar nominations *
           Hugo: 3D fanciful adaptation of children's novel, Best Picture nominee 84th Oscars *

Then, the four and a half star films:

2010 - Undertow: Gay themed Peruvian romantic ghost story
            Carlos: Six hour biopic crime drama about terrorist Carlos the Jackal

2011 - Hannah: Action thriller with 16 year old girl as the action hero
           Red State: Horror thriller about an EXTREME right wing cult.  Oh, and funny.
           Crazy, Stupid Love:  Romantic comedy, probably the year's best
           Margin Call: drama about the dawn of the recent economic crisis, Screenplay nominee, 84th Oscars *
           Midnight in Paris: time hopping romantic comedy, nominated for Best Picture 84th Oscars *
           Attack the Block:  Indie Brit sci-fi movie with a touch of comedy
           50/50: dramedy about a young man diagnosed with cancer
           Moneyball:  sports drama, Best Picture nominee 84th Oscars *
           A Better Life:  indie drama about the plight of Mexican immigrants Best Actor nominee 84th Oscars *
           The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: winner, Best Animated Short 84th Oscars *
           The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: dark and gritty mystery thriller Best Actress nominee 84th Oscars *
and if you really have a lot of time (or a serious film addiction), the four stars:

2010 - Of Gods and Men: French drama about monks in a foreign war zone
            Love and Other Drugs: offbeat romantic comedy
            Mesrine: Public Enemy: biopic about famous French bank robber

2011 - Jane Eyre: Period drama based on the classic novel. Nominated for Best Costumes *
           Captain America: The First Avenger: the best of a bumper crop of super hero movies
           Bridesmaids:  Raunchy femal centric comedy.  Nominated for writing and Supporting Actress *
           The Devil's Double: dramatic thriller set in Sadam's Iraq
           Warrior: MMA fighting family drama, nominated for Best Supporting Actor *
           The Ides of March: Political intrigue drama nominated for Best Screenplay *
           Chico and Rita: Cuban adult romance nominated for Best Animated Feature *
           Hell and Back Again: War documentary about a wounded vet, Doc Feature nominee *
           Albert Nobbs: Cross dressing period drama up for two acting awards *
           Beginners: Gay themed family dramedy, nominated for Best Supporting Actor *
I have a few more films to watch (like Take Shelter, coming in today's mail!!!) before I feel comfortable making my best of lists for the 2011 season, but only a few, so we should have that soon.  In the meantime, happy viewing.

Hangin at my pad (or on my pad?)

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