Thursday, March 1, 2012

YES!!! The Movie Frog will continue!!!

     I do apologize for my absence.  Due to unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, The Movie Frog had to go on a temporary hiatus. I am going to blaze back in now, however.  I tried to open back up before last Sunday's grand event, but could not remember my blog password.  I know, clever right?
     In the meantime, I started a sister set of postings under TheMovieFrog on Twitter.  Look for thumbnail reviews there of all the Oscar Movies that I saw before the show (36 out of 46 features, and one of the shorts).  I still have not seen A Cat in Paris, Bullhead, Footnote, Monsieur Lazhar, In Darkness, W E, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Paradise Lost 3, Undefeated, or The Muppets, but will be correcting that ASAP.
     I will try to get out to the movies for 1 new release a week, whenever possible, and review it.  I will also publish thumbnail reviews of two to three rental or instant play movies, focusing on new releases and hidden gems whenever possible.  This weekend I could go see The Lorax, a new release quite likely destined to be an Animated contender next year, but I may reach back a couple of weeks and see The Secret of Arriety, of which the same thing could be said.
     I'm also going to do an Oscar wrap up post, an early Oscar preview post, and a list of very good movies I've seen while my postings have been nonexistent these last few months.  By months end I will have a top ten of 2011 list (yes, I know it is March, but there are a few things I must still see first:  Take Shelter, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Shame, etc).  April will probably be just movie reviews and maybe the beginning of my 1000 movies to see, until Cannes gets this year's Oscar race going in May.

This blog has not croaked,
The Movie Frog

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