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Nov. Oscar Buzz and Predictions - Noisy Techs

     This time, in what should be a rather brief article, we are going to cover the Sound Editors (who create sound effects), and the Sound Mixers who are the editors of the audio track, although mixing is a more fluid craft than cutting.  Buzz rankings come first, with previous rankings in parenthesis, then I stroke my little cinematic ego and give you my take.  It's about to get loud...

Sound Editing
  1.(1) Avengers
  2.(2) The Dark Knight Rises
  3.(3) Zero Dark Thirty
  4.(6) Life of Pi
  5.(9) Django Unchained

  6.(8) Lincoln
  7. Skyfall
  8.(5) The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey
  9.(4) Prometheus
  10.(10) Les Miserables
  Leaving the Rankings:  Brave
     I can't argue too much with what the buzz is proposing, but see if you hear what I hear...
  1. The Avengers...Hard to argue that with an inter...dimensional(?) invasion and a half dozen different super heroes involved the film should definitely be cited for creation of the MOST sound effects.  Sometimes less is more, but sometimes MOST is pretty freakin' impressive.
  2. Life of Pi...Every year there is a Best Picture contender that seems to just blanket the technical categories and Pi seems to be that film this year.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises...Prison riots, vertical take off bat jets, crumbling astro turf, the final film in the Nolan Bat-trilogy had some unique and diverse aural elements.  Surrounded by it in the theater, I felt just like I was there.
  4. Zero Dark Thirty...No, no one has seen it yet, but I'm expecting some of the best battle scenes of the season coupled with passages of stealthy tension brought to you by most of the same team that earned a victory in this category three years ago for The Hurt Locker.
  5. Cloud Atlas...There is such a myriad of everything in Cloud Atlas, and that includes sound.  I don't care if box office has been a bit weak and the critics are split, this film deserves to sweep the techs at least for nominations.   I'm sure I am not alone in this sentiment.

  6. Django Unchained...I'm sure Tarantino has thrown some sorts of wackiness into this to make it a little more challenging than the average western.
  7. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey...Fantasies often play very well in this category and to discount one of this scope just because people think that splitting the source novel into a trilogy is tacky, would be...well...tacky.
  8. Flight...I haven't seen it yet, but the brief clip of the plane scene I have seen sounds both tricky and brilliant.
  9. Prometheus...Alien landscapes always give sound editors room to play and be creative and the crew on this picture did not waste the opportunity.
  10. Skyfall...I have seen this, and it didn't seem to have THAT high a level of innovation or difficulty in its sound design, but everyone seems to be buzzing about the film's chances here.  As popular as it is, I'd be a fool to ignore a film with so much support.

Sound Mixing
  1.(2) Les Miserables
  2.(1) The Dark Knight Rises
  3.(4) The Avengers
  4.(3) Zero Dark Thirty
  5.(7) Life of Pi

  6.(10) Django Unchained
  7. Skyfall
  8.(9) Lincoln
  9.(6) The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey
  10.(5) Prometheus
  Leaving the Rankings:  Brave
      Again, my differences will be slight.  I fade in with...
  1. Les Miserables...No one has ever really attempted to record a musical's vocal tracks live as the scenes are being filmed.  This audio team will actually be charting new territory.  If it works, I think its their category to lose.
  2. Life of Pi...Word is, this film is a technical masterwork across the board.  Hopefully, I'll be seeing for myself VERY soon.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises...I know for a fact that this one IS a technical masterwork across the board.
  4. Zero Dark Thirty...Does anybody else remember the way that silence almost became a character in The Hurt Locker, a sentient, ominous force.  If sneaking up on the bunker doesn't inspire them to take that approach to the next level, I don't know what will.
  5. Cloud Atlas...I don't how they managed to string either the images or the sounds in this movie into a cohesive whole, but it sounded as stunningly magnificent as it looked.

  6. Django Unchained...Westerns always do well in the sound categories, and with Tarantino at the wheel, it'll be one of the most unusual westerns around with plenty of challenges to overcome in crafting the soundscape.
  7. The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey...Another film that should have plenty of auditory furniture to chew, but it is just one of many this year.
  8. The Avengers...I think this one's chances will be far weaker here than in Editing.  Just a hunch.  Sort of the Anti-Mis.
  9. Prometheus...This film could easily miss the big show altogether, but it does still have some chance of recognition here.
  10. Skyfall...Everyone seems to think that this is where Skyfall belongs....Is anyone in here missing a Skyfall?

     I'll be back soon with Make-Up and Costume...Froggy

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