Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oscar Winners Predictions & Buzz - Pretty Picture Techs

     Buzz comes first with previous rankings in parenthesis.  My personal thought and predictions follow on each category's second list.  Let's knock these out...

Best Production Design
  1.(2) Anna Karenina - Sarah Greenwood & Katie Spencer
  2.(1) Les Miserables - Eve Stewart & Anna Lynch-Robinson
  3.(3) Lincoln - Rick Carter & Jim Erikson
  4.(8) Life of Pi - David Gropman & Anna Pinnock
  5.(4) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Dan Hennah, Ra Vincent & Simon Bright
      I would only shift this around a bit...
  1. Anna Karenina - Besides having the buzz (and the goods), this team is also the most overdue, both on their fourth nod (having been nominated together for Sherlock Holmes, Atonement & Pride and Prejudice) without a single win.
  2. Life of Pi - This film has enough upward momentum in buzz right now to make me think that it is taking a real run at the win.  Production Designer David Gropman is on his second nomination (the first was for Cider House Rules), and Set Decorator Anna Pinnock is on her third (previously up for Golden Compass and Gosford Park).  Neither has won.
  3. Les Miserables - Besides good buzz, Production Designer Eve Stewart also has three nominations (this, The King's Speech & Topsy Turvey) under her belt.  Anna Lynch-Robinson's set decoration is being honored for the first time.
  4. Lincoln - This is Production Designer Rick Carter's fourth nod, but he's already won for Avatar.  It's his partner Jim Erikson's first time at bat with the Academy.
  5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - This picture's set decorating team is enjoying their first nomination.  Production Designer Dan Hennah has been nominated five times, but has already won once.  With all of these winless multiple nominees in the game, he'll probably have to wait to see a second victory.
  Should have been nominated:  Cloud Atlas (again, six different time periods)

Best Cinematography
  1.(2) Life of Pi - Claudio Miranda
  2.(8) Skyfall - Roger Deakins
  3.(3) Lincoln - Janusz Kaminski
  4.(6) Anna Karenina - Seamus McGarvey
  5.(7) Django Unchained - Robert Richardson
     I CANNOT argue with the buzz here at all, much as I personally feel that the camera work in Anna Karenina was far superior to that in Skyfall, and Lincoln's use of lighting blew anything I saw onscreen in either of them.  Still, I don't get to vote...
  1. Life of Pi - I've been trying in this round of predictions not to let the buzz rule me when there is an undeniable overdue factor involved.  There is a GLARINGLY overdue DoP nominated in this category, but it is not second time nominee Claudio Miranda.  However, his buzz is SO strong for Life of Pi, and his work so undeniably groundbreaking (not to mention gorgeous), that I still have to predict him to win.
  2. Skyfall - BUT...there is one radically overdue cinematographer in the mix this year.  This is Roger Deakins' TENTH nomination with no wins.  I have to believe that if anyone can steal this trophy from Pi, it is he.
  3. Lincoln - THEN AGAIN...Kaminski is a living legend on his sixth nomination.  He HAS already won twice, both times for Spielberg helmed Best Picture winning films.  Hmmm...
  4. Anna Karenina - Seamus McGarvey (now a two time nominee) did excellent work on this film, and he's had a strong year, having lensed The Avengers as well.  However, I think a win is unlikely for him THIS year.
  5. Django Unchained - Another living legend, Robert Richardson is enjoying his eighth time at the AMPAS rodeo, but with three wins under his belt already (JFK, Aviator, & Hugo).  He also JUST won last year, so this year the nod is probably its own reward.
  Should have been nominated:  Beasts of the Southern Wild (instead of Skyfall)

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