Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oscar Winners Predictions & Buzz - Pretty People

     As always, the buzz leads with former rankings listed in parenthesis.  My thoughts and prediction can be found on the second list in each category.  Let's get hoppin...

Best Costume Design
  1.(1) Anna Karenina - Jaqueline Durran
  2.(2) Les Miserables - Paco Delgado
  3.(3) Lincoln - Joanna Johnston
  4.(4) Mirror Mirror - Eiko Ishioka
  5.(8) Snow White and the Huntsman - Colleen Atwood
     My nominations here follow the buzz pretty closely, but here's why...
  1. Anna Karenina - This is Jaqueline Durran's third nomination with no wins, and the work is certainly strong enough for the win, so...
  2. Lincon - This is Joanna Johnston's first nomination, but the buzz here seems to be growing steadily, so for now, I'm going to count her as Durran's main competition, but don't count out...
  3. Les Miserables - Paco Delgado is also enjoying his first nomination, and buzz is strong here as well.
  4. Mirror Mirror - It was a nice gesture to give costume designer Ishioka her second nod posthumously, but she won the first one, and the work here was...well...a little tacky, honestly.  I just can't see them giving her the win.
  5. Snow White & the Huntsman - I'm sure that someday Colleen Atwood will win a fourth Oscar, but even the nomination was a bit of a surprise this year (her tenth, by the way).
  Should have been nominated:  Cloud Atlas (six different time periods, come on)

Best Make-Up and Hairstyling
  1.(3) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Peter Swords King, Rick Findlater & Tami Lane
  2.(4) Les Miserables - Lisa Westcott & Julie Dartnell
  3.(5) Hitchcock - Howard Berger, Peter Montagna & Martin Samuel
     Here, I'm going to (perhaps unwisely) go way against conventional wisdom, and say...
  1. Les Miserables - This is Lisa Westcott's third nomination with no wins, and that gives her a bit of a leg up from the overdue factor.  This is also the only Best Picture nominee in this category.  For now, I'm going to predict it wins.
  2. Hitchcock - This film also features a multi-nominee who has never won in Martin Samuel who was previously nominated for two film in the Pirates series.  For now, I'm going to say that this gives it the edge over presumed front runner...
  3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey...This film's Make-Up team consists of two second time nominees who both won for their first nods.  This might make the Academy loathe to reward them again so soon.  Of the trio, only Rick Findlater has never won (or been nominated).
  Should have been nominated:  Cloud Atlas

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